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Million Dollar Smile

Up your dental game and pretty up your bathroom counter with our Million Dollar Smile collection. Featuring two tubes of our natural, non-toxic toothpaste, one bottle of our oral-microbiome friendly mouthwash and our mighty yet low-sensitivity Whitening Pen. Say goodbye to the Toxic ten and get ready to detox your mouth in style!


2 x Tubes of Gem Toothpaste (Coconut Mint and Cinnamon Mint)

1 x Oral Microbiome Friendly Mouthwash

1 X Whitening Pen 

SIZE: Toothpaste 100ml per tube, Mouthwash 500ml, Whitening Pen 4ml

*We’re free of the toxic ten, including parabens, triclosan, SLS and BS.

what are you putting in your mouth?

clean and natural ingredients.